Response to the proposed nudity ban in San Francisco

City Supervisor Scott Wiener exposed himself to the Nudist community of San Francisco as an anti-nudist.  Unlike other U.S. cities, San Francisco has upheld a firm tradition of leaving Nudists untouched on the streets, but Wiener's proposal for a ban on nudity is touching some citizens in an uncomfortable way.  

As if the raunchy puns made with Wiener's name weren't enough, Nudists came out hard on Saturday to protest the Wiener proposal.  Both Nudists and other unclothed people (who don't identify as Nudist but wanted to defend the right to be nude) decided to set aside marginal differences and just get naked for a couple hours at the corner of Castro and Market. 

Nudist takes time to compose shot.

Man shares space with naked people.

One last look at the naked people.  

Nudist returns to the clothed world.